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Pauline Goodman in Tasmania


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2016 Bio-energy Healing Treatments

2016 Bio-energy Healing Treatments

Non Invasive - Complementary - Health Solution

2016 - We are looking into new expansion to provide better healing services we are now upgrading our programs of Health & Healing Spa Retreats – Mind Body Spirit & Heart Alignment - including *Bio-energy healing *Fast Track Techniques for emotional release *Insight Consultations & Coaching etc in Singapore and other South East Asian Spa Resort / Hotels.

Healing is a process ... Our body is Energy / vibration base emitting and receiving radiation... as you start to harness the many healing supports that are available for you, and if you completely surrender into what required to let go of and to receive – your miraculous healing can occur when a person is completely non-resistance and shifted into higher energies whole heartedly to accept all the help that is available to you ... your involvement along with the new energy flooding our planet now in the new potentials ...and by merging with your own energy ...so that healing can occur faster and far much more efficiently than ever before!

Now you have the Opportunity for Deep and Accelerated Healing!

It’s All About You!

Health Is Wealth

Launching June 2016 Bio-energy Healing Retreats!

Wealthness International Networks Services

New Directions in 2015



We are an experienced Organizer and Management of Health & Well-Being Programs & Retreats team... seeking 4-5 star resorts in Australasia that are interested to increase their revenue & occupancy... and to bring their services to a higher level in the spa industry... we tailored made special programs complimentary to the existing day spa services... to enhance selected resorts culture & locations / environments...

This is not the typical mainstream standard spa services; but a new world class Integrated East/West Health & Well-Being Concepts, takes the spa services one-step higher into 'w-holistic' healing; with a team of dedicated healthcare professionals ( overseas & trained locals ) with commitments & integrity from clinical and natural health fields... for you to experience the magic of healing & relaxation... to a lifestyle change & makeover retreats with amazing programs... to achieve clients optimum health wealth & well-being in selected Australasia Resorts.

Spa Consultancy - We have a group that can provide complete operations management from Conception through Grand Opening and Beyond.... to create your visions & achieve your wildest dreams.... Everything is possible....

Wealthness International Networks Services


  • A Living Laboratory - creating Health & Wellbeing Resort with Purpose and Balance in an Individual Life.
  • The new approach is to reconnect healthier body, mind, heart and spirit in alignment to your life journey.
  • Lifestyle make-over & transformation programs to restore rejuvenate & renewed You!

It is All About You!

Your Ultimate Reward is Good Health, an Uplifted Spirit, Purified Body and Invigorated Soul! Learning the Art of Life Balance, Empowerment and the Secrets of Well Being!

Wealthness International Networks Services

"Nothing we ever imagined is beyond our Power,
only beyond our Present Self Knowledge!"

Today we stand on the threshold of surprises and upheavals - we are all contributing in this powerful stream of creations through our thoughts, cultures & belief systems... We are here to relearn who we are and how we are connected as One to our Creator - the Creator of All.

This is the time for humanity to implement wisdom in this challenging time of transition and transformation here in the World. "To find Freedom & Love in the Light is what every soul has come to Earth to Learn & Experience."

I am going to share with you the ancient wisdom and living consciously in awareness at the starting of our next journey into the New Year with positive attitudes and thoughts to enhance our path more gracefully through the turmoil in the days & years to come.

We must reinforce our efforts and looking for ways with our visions to create 'Heaven on Earth' at the feast of the New beginnings!

"There are many Paths but only One Way!
The Way is en-Light-ment"

Wealthness International Networks Services

About Pauline:

Pauline has migrated to Australia in 2005 and she was in venture with Boutique Resorts in Australia Singapore Bali etc providing an organized professional platform and health & wellbeing programs as a qualified life coach to help people to reconnect and align their passions to achieve their goals in life, by conscious living in balance, joy, peace and abundance - a lifestyle changing and healing process.

Now she has decided to share her experiences in life & health challenges as she has a deep understanding of the ever changing lifestyle and today's chaotic situations affecting physical and spiritual of mental and emotion difficulties. She is sharing her updated knowledge in uncover wisdom in living harmoniously in work & life... by healing the past... script the future... living in the Present - moment to moment in the power centre of creations.

Prior to coming to Australia, she was working with St Gregory Therapeutic Spa Group in providing health & wellbeing programs and also established Love and Light Centre for self growth & empowerment 1997 in Singapore.

After a long and illustrious international career in finance, banking, real estate investments and marketing since 1984; she has held key corporate positions with several top-tier private, multi-national and international corporations, having worked globally in London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and now Singapore.

Wealthness International Networks Services

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