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2016 - New Developments - Bio-energy Healing Treatments

2016 - New Developments

Bio-energy Healing Treatments

We are currently seeking and in discussion with few Spa Hotels and Resorts in Singapore, Batam and Bintan who are interested in providing Bio-energy Healing Treatments for their Spa members and clients ... We will announce it as soon negotiations have been completed.

We welcome any spa hotel, spa resort, clinic or organization interested to provide this therapy for their clients and staff!

Please contact Pauline
Phone: +65 9823 6197
Email: paulinegoodman888@gmail.com

Health is Wealth!

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2015 – New Sanctuaries and New Beginnings

2015 - New Chiang Mai ‘I Am’ Specialized Retreats!

A New Dawn ... New Directions ... New Life!

New Chiang Mai ‘I Am’ Specialized Retreats!

It’s been a long challenging life journey ... I have been so unwell with complex dis-eases since 2007 until early 2015 ... I became very weak lost weight no appetite with chronic fatigue all I did was sleep most day & night eat and feel tired all the time... also depressed ... but determined to get well again I was hospitalized 3 times with no medical conclusions after many tests ... and have 3 near death experiences ... I have to learn how to walk again ... I was really in poor health for over 7 years just existing not living all those years ...that’s no life at all ... I don’t know why but I know everything happens for a reason ... What is this mystery of life I am trying to unravel and what is this experience that I need to resolve and share the wisdom when all is resolved ... Now I have overcome the health challenges ... in commitment and determination to heal mind body & soul ... by integrating Western & Tradition medications with alternative therapies to heal at the cellular level ... a healing process still continuing until I reach the core ... I am almost 90% well now ... so that I can live in peace happiness & balance with courage to fulfil my purpose and accomplish my mission in this lifetime!

The secret to finding my way back to this world at present ...is to open my heart and thriving in the physical while honouring my truth ... through amazing opportunities and synchronicity in services and friendships with liked-minded people such as intuitive healers & facilitators ... now that I am on my recovery journey ... what is the greatest gift I can give to other people and greatest service that I can provide ... is sharing that unique combination of life synchronistic experiences and with amazing intuitive healers ... my life purpose is to share and organize my cutting edge healing retreat programs that bring people to a higher state of consciousness ... that will serve them and help them to find their way to a better life ... in order to achieve optimum health love, joy, wealth and wisdom ...  by releasing them from fear and self-doubt and from blame guilt grief and shame... into self-love to open their eyes and hearts to the beauty and wonders in the world It could be by coaching insight consultation therapeutic bodyworks and workshops .. or a book, a song, a painting or a dance ... as well as with support to providing knowledge & awareness ... this is my gift from my heart to give awareness to people society and the world in services of my next journey ...

In all realms of life, it takes courage to stretch your limits

express your power and fulfil your potential ...

it’s no different in the financial realm!

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2014 & Beyond - A New Direction

Right Time - Right Places

New Goals with Fresh Ideas!

Spa Resorts Worldwide

"The Sacred Equilibrium Programs"

Wealthness International Networks is redefining its initial strategy to reshape the future of Wealthness Int'l Signature Brand 'The Sacred Equilibrium Programs' of our Well-Being Resort Spa Services.

We are looking for Spa Management or Joint Venture with luxurious boutique resorts developers or 5 star resorts under construction in Australasia or globally: as the first platform on a permanent regular basis - to present 'The Sacred Equilibrium Programs' the futuristic Spa Services for our clients database; - with liked minded people and genuine resorts with integrity - dare to be different & stand apart from the competitive mainstream standard spa services - to meet the demands of this ever changing & expanding world and in spa industry; with sustainable development of programs & services; for long term economic growth to produce meaningful resources.

A World Class Living Laboratory - A Designation Resort!

Create Health, Wealth & Balance in Life with Purpose.

For more information please contact Pauline Goodman.

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Health & Healing Sanctuaries

All our Health & Healing Sanctuaries listed below have the facilities required for hosting the various events, seminars, & workshops. Their internal & external environments and additional facilities have all been chosen with great care for the purpose of complementing & enhancing your experience.

We have a team of committed & enthusiastic Professional Practitioners / facilitators: their main purpose or mission is to contribute & provide a variety of services to heal physical disorders & create awareness in a new way, to transform community consciousness in human evolution.

The Programs are unique and meant to provide values in our consistent selective & distinguish services: participants not only undergo a profound change in a breakthrough to success ways of living; by taking with them personal wellbeing awreness to achieve their heart desires .... Health, finances, relationship & careers whatever they want; in motivating their focus by inspiring their potentials to accelerating results.

The Scientific fact is 'Reality is Subjective; You can actually Create your Life however You Want It'

... Christopher Howard

For more information please contact Pauline Goodman.

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Special Health & Healing Sanctuaries

The Opium

The Opium front view

The Opium, one of the newest and foremost, leading serviced apartment and boutique hotel - located in the heart of Chiang Mai , presents major accesses to Chiang Mai’s main attractions, the airport, business districts and industrial estates. The rooms, punctiliously designed, supply a vast range of amenities to all types of guests, both short and long stays. Furthermore, they also provide you with spacious and stylish rooms and suites, with reasonable rates that all can afford.
Your safety and convenience is their priority here.


For more information please contact Pauline Goodman.

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Other Health & Healing Sanctuaries

For more information please contact Pauline Goodman.

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New Resort/Sanctuary/Spa Application

To Resort Owners / Operators

Would you like to improve your occupancy and activities within your resort & spa?

Wealthness International Networks will tailor make to suit your requirements...
by organizing wellbeing programs and events at your Resort / Sanctuary / Spa, to fulfill your goals & expectations.

please submit your information on our New Resort/Sanctuary/Spa Application Form.

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