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Cutting Edge Bioenergy Healing Retreats

Cutting Edge Bio-energy Retreats

Experience living in
Optimum Health & Higher Consciousness

Explore Extraordinary Experiences in our Specialized Retreats!

Individual or Group

Investing Now for Your Future - A New You!

De-stress, Re-energize & Rejuvenate your Bio Energy Field

Launching June or July 2016 in Singapore & Chiang Mai

Choice of Retreats Programs

  • Self Mastery Workshops
  • Bioenergy Healing Therapy
  • Cellular Repair & Healing @ Core
  • Integrated Acupuncture Bodyworks
  • Fast Track Techniques
  • Insight Consultations / Coaching
  • Herbal Energize & Detox Consultations
  • TRE Therapy

* Calisthenics & Activities

  • Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Kong etc.
  • Sightseeing Tours & Night Bazaar

The Opium 4* Boutique Hotel

  • Choice of Luxury Studio or Suite room.
  • All packages include programs, accommodation, breakfast, & airport transfers.

Investment: to be advised
Early Bird – 10% off

For more information contact Pauline:
Phone, SMS, & WhatsApp: +65 9823 6197 or +61 431 020 808
Email: PaulineGoodman@Gmail.com

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Pauline's New Adventure Path 2016

*** Pauline Workshops - Facilitator

Sharing Knowledge & Wisdom to Live A Happy Healthy Lifestyle!

  • Lifestyle Transformation Workshops
  • Parenting Today New Children Workshops
  • The Sacred Equilibrium - Integration and Balance Spiritual & Physical World
  • Understand Universal Laws
  • Live in Awareness & Higher Consciousness Life

*** Pauline Resort Retreats

Health & Wellbeing Group & Corporate Retreats

The Sacred Equilibrium Programs

Some Choices of Retreat Group & Corporate Workshops

  • Health & Wellbeing Awareness
  • Therapeutic Bodyworks - deep healing of body & soul
  • Emotions intelligence
  • Stress & Time Management
  • Brainstorming & Team Building
  • Creative Management
  • Healthy Life & Work Balance

Love Laugh & Live Well in your Next Journey - Be Happy!
Venue: to be announced soon ....

*** Pauline Life Coaching

To inspire, empower and makes a difference, by bringing a new perspective in your life.

  • Online Coaching
  • Individual & Groups Coaching
  • Inclusive in Resort Retreats Programs

Create & Balance your flow of Life !


+65 9823 6197





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'The Leading Edge Thoughts
Benefit the Expansion of your Desires
to Consciously Live your Dreams in Joy!'

Life extracts from Clarity & Conscious Awareness to bring us everything new, when we imagine or focus on what we want or dream to manifest in our life experiences instead of just observing what is in the world. It always has been and always will be!

Welcome to explore our Leading Edge
Health & Wellbeing Resort Retreats & Services

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Make A Difference in Your Life!

Come & Experience:

The First Family 'One Stop' Health & Well Being Spa for Integrative Body, Mind Heart & Spirit - Health & Lifestyle Transformation Services & Packages - All In One Resort

Programs to de-stress, heal, transform,
and reconnect to your spirit!

Lifestyle Makeover Programs

The 'change' process includes the power of full engagement in drawing on four separated but related sources of energy: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wealth within all aspects of our lives in harmony to career, family, social & community. To achieve a powerful pulse in our lives we must learn how to rhythmically spend and renew energy constantly. Making changes requires first to Define Purpose, Face the Truth, then Take Action.

'You must be the Change you wish to see in the world'

...... Gandhi

A Full Range of Spa Facilities to complete the wondrous journey in your spirit! Creating Joy & Peace in your life by aligning your heart with your mind in harmony ........ with your Life Source.

You are what you read, think and eat......... Health is Wealth!
"Authentic Power is the Alignment of your Personality with your Soul"

A Balanced Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit is the Key!

Programs Overview Lifestyle Makeover Spa Resorts


Lifestyle Makeover Spa Resorts

Visualize an exquisite perfect escape to Wealthness International Networks set in hectares of Sacred Land in lush natural beauty and ever-present spirituality, pervades the surroundings and its people. The new approach is to reconnect healthier body, mind, heart and spirit, in alignment to your life and soul journey.

It is All About You!

Learning the Art of Life Balance and the Secrets of Well Being!

A new Integrated Meditative Health Centre, takes the holistic healing one-step further with a team of dedicated healthcare professionals from a variety of mainstream and natural health fields. Integrate alternative western and Asian traditional medicines and therapies, together with calisthenics activities to help you achieve and maintain optimum health. From physical to spiritual, you will find everything you need to balance your life, being in harmony within the individuals and in harmony relative to your families and to society.

Your Ultimate Reward is Good Health, Uplifted Spirit, Purified Body and Invigorated Soul!

A Full Range of Spa Facilities and Exciting Programs to complete and enhance the wondrous journey in your spirit! Creating Joy & Peace in your life by aligning your heart with your mind in harmony .... with your Life Source.

"Managing Energy not Time is the key
to the High Performance and Personal Renewal"

By Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz...
The Power of Full Engagement.

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