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Summary of Optimal Health Programs

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  • Physical

    • Health Awareness -
      MCP Bio-Energy field Image Assessment & Consultation
      The Images show the surrounding energy and bio field in clear colors and patterns indicate where areas of stress and ease are sited for the results of treatment protocols, also show energy flow and blockages which relate to medical symptoms used to motivate clients towards better health choices
      Facilitators: Dr. John Rogerson & ISIS or MCP Certified Practitioners

    • Healing -
      Medical Consultation / Therapeutic / Esoteric / Bodywork / Therapy
      Clinical & Complementary Consultation by In-house Medical doctors & qualified skill experienced therapists, working on physical & emotional level to release the cause rather than only curing the symptoms
      Facilitators: Ms Nik S Aidas, Dr. Buathon Thienarrom PhD, Mr. Noel Insley

    • Nurturing -
      Traditional Massage or Beauty Treatment
      To pamper the physical body by varies ancient & traditional modalities by in-house trained therapists to a higher level of awareness.

    • Detoxify Programs -
      a cleansing / detox bootcamp.
      Assist your body to detoxify under proper medical supervision ... using natural herbs, therapeutic bodyworks and wholesome, unprocessed foods & diet, to get rid of toxins.

    • Dysfunctional Disorders Programs -
      Intensive Process Treatments
      A process to rectify any dysfunctional part of your activities or organs - chronic pains, impudent or frigidity also disorders caused by stress related or toxic diet.... such as chronic anxiety, constipation or insomnia or rosacea / candida etc.

  • Psychological

    • Insight Consultation

      Special gifted clairvoyance or medium channeled with integrity to give insight to your life journey

    • Life Coaching / Counseling

      Certified & experience coaches, counselors & psychiatrist to give a new perspective view of self limitations to achieve potentials of excellence

    • Empowerment Awareness workshops

      Best Seller Authors & Well Known Expertise to inspire self growth, values, attitudes, beliefs, awareness & empowerment courses to enhance the playing field of Pure Potentiality & Excellence of Life Game.

  • Calisthenics

    • Body, Mind & Soul Connection

      Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Qi Kong etc

  • Activities

    • Physical Development

      To achieve physical strength, dare to overcome fears & enjoy the pleasures/passions of life
      Walking Tracks, Horse/ Elephant Riding, Rafting, Buggy Jumping etc
      Tours - National Culture Dances or Shopping or Fruit/ Monkey Farms etc

  • Corporate Retreats

    • Company Goals:

      Building team spirit, staff relationships to motivate & inspire collective awareness & consciousness in achieving physical & psychological excellence.

  • Special Events, Seminars or Conferences

    • Conferences:

      Organize Integrated East /West Meditative Health & Wellbeing Events to inspire collective mass consciousness in the world

For more information, please send an email to PaulineGoodman888@Gmail.com

Summary of Optimal Health Programs Bar

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