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Health & Well Being Programs

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A Varity Range of Integrated Health & Wellbeing Programs consist of influences to expand conscious awareness to impact positively & successfully in all areas of physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual aspects of Life

Health & Well Being Programs Bar

De-stress, Re-energise & Rejuvenate

Well-being Consciousness

Transform your life live in
Optimum Health
Well-being Consciousness.

Chiang Mai Specialised Health Retreats

It could be the life-changer you've been looking for - It’s time to heal yourself!

Retreat Programs – July - September 2015

  • 19 - 26 July and 2 - 9 & 16 - 30 Aug and 22 - 29 Sept 2015

  • 7 Nights Healing & Wellness Retreats
  • 14 Nights Intensive Health & Wellbeing Retreats

The amazing 7 & 14 nights healing and well-being retreats are specially designed to transmute and heal body and soul to maintain wellness in this physical body this lifetime -.the inspiring workshops coaching and therapeutic transformation bodywork provided by world class international healers using the updated techniques in high consciousness of our unique integrated alternative retreats programs. - Health is Wealth!

  • 3 Stages of 30 Days Recovery Wellness Retreats
    ( Programs tailor-made and designed to suit you )

This specialized cutting edge Recovery Wellness retreats are for people with dysfunction or over active immune systems pre or post clinical treatments – instead of controlling the symptoms only with clinical treatments ...by using alternative integrated programs - we arrest the root cause of the dis-ease in releasing emotional and mental past traumas and memories in our inspirational workshops - and transformation bodywork in repairing organs at core cellular level ... there are no side effects ... you will only be energize vitalize and strengthen to enhance wellness of the whole being to achieve optimum health wealth and prosperity – the original well being order of your life - You can Heal yourself!

The retreats’ programs - together with calisthenics activities, help you achieve and maintain optimum health. From physical to spiritual, you will find everything you need to balance your life.

All Package: 4* luxury Boutique Hotel accommodation, airport transfer and breakfast.

Well-being Consciousness

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Our Optimal Health Programs

  1. Resorts & Health Centres

    ** Regular Health & Wellbeing Programs

    * Physical
    • Health Awareness - MCP Bio-Energy field Image Assessment & Consultation
    • Healing - Medical Consultation / Therapeutic/ Esoteric/ Bodywork/ Therapy
    • Nurturing - Traditional Massage or Beauty Treatment

    * Psychological
    • Insight Consultation
    • Life Coaching / Counseling
    • Empowerment Awareness workshops

  2. Corporate Retreats

    ** Weekends or 7 days Resort Programs

    • Building Team Spirit
    • Achieve Integrity
    • Operate from Physical & Psychological Excellence

    * Calisthenics & Activities - depending on locations
    • Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Qi Kong
    • Walking Tracks, Horse/ Elephant Riding, Rafting etc
    • Tours - National Culture Dances or Shopping or Fruit / Monkey Farms

  3. Special Health & Wellbeing Programs

    • 5 - 14 Nights Packages
      *Detoxify Packages or Intensive Treatments

  4. Special Events or Seminars or Conferences

    • Weekends Passions - Ballroom Dancing or Free Movements
    • Ceremony Programs - Shamanic or Spiritual Celebrations
    • Workshops - Empowerment or Life Coaching Courses
    • Seminars - By Best Seller Authors or Speakers
    • Conferences - Integrated East /West Meditative Health & Wellbeing Events

"Learning the game of Power requires a certain way of looking at the world, a shift of perspective"
Robert Greene

For more information, please send an email to PaulineGoodman888@Gmail.com

Health & Well Being Programs Bar

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