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Jayanti Woods Associated Facilitator

Jayanti Woods

Associated Facilitator

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Jayanti Woods was born on the Gold Coast, Australia, where from early childhood was inspired to find the Divine presence within and from that inner center create peace and love in the world around her.

Her questioning saw her residing in several of Australia's cities, including Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin, before taking her on a journey around the world.

In the early 70's Jayanti traveled to Bali where she was deeply touched by the essence of the Balinese family she stayed with. Jayanti Woods saw how their deep inner trust and belief in God allowed them to enjoy their simple life with great joy and love that encompassed all in their lives.

Since then Jayanti has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Far East, USA, including Egypt and lived in the Middle East for many years. Jayanti has been to Bali and India many times leading personal and spiritual tours.

Jayanti Woods has sat at the feet of the world's great masters; staying with Swami Isa of Trivandrum in southern India, Satya Sai Baba and the immortal Saint, Babaji, written about by Paramahansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi. During a visit to Shri Vishnu Shastriji in his home at Rajghar she was initiated into the ancient art of Jara, peacock feather healing, by the great master himself, Shastriji.

Jayanti Woods initially became interested in Shamanism in 1996, when during a healing session, she experienced a spontaneous shamanic journey. This awakened in her the desire to learn about Shamanism and especially study the Shamanic Journey. In the following years Jayanti travelled to the USA to develop her shamanic skills further. Jayanti has also studied with a shaman who was directly trained by Sandra Ingerman.

Since 2003 Jayanti Woods has been presenting Shamanic Journey workshop in northern NSW and south east Queensland.

For the past 17 years Jayanti has lead regular meditation & chanting groups and shamanic gatherings. Jayanti Woods also has a healing practice on the Gold Coast where she draws on a range of healing therapies to inspire and assist others with their own personal and spiritual journey.

Jayanti Woods' background is in Natural Therapies, Rebirthing, Jara healing, Shamanism, Quantum Dynamics, Reiki, Orion Theta Healing Therapy, meditation and other spiritual purification practices. Jayanti is a Reiki Master/Teacher.

"I am passionate about peace in our world and one of the ways I see this coming about is for more people to know themselves within. So it is my joy to share this timeless and transforming practice with all who desire to find their internal Shaman."

Associated Facilitator Jayanti Woods Corporate Profile Bar

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