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John Rogerson Associated Practitioner

Dr. John Rogerson

ISIS and MCP Energy Field Imaging Systems

Associated Practitioner

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Dr John Rogerson DSc. (Bio Physics) is an advisor to the ICM (Institute of Complementary Medicine UK) co-founder of CHEFR UK Ltd (The Centre for Human Energy Field Research) and a Professor at the Zoroastrian College. John Rogerson is an ambassador for World Peace and lecturers on complementary medicine.

He specialises in studying 'energy and bio fields, and the efficacy of natural medicines.' John Rogerson is a certified ISIS and PIP teacher trainer and has completed courses in EleCT, Specialised Kinesiology, Scenar, and is a BEST System practitioner. He works in India with the UNESCO World Peace Centre at MIT College, The Zoroastrian College, Bharati Vidyapeeth University and in UK and with healthcare and charity organisations.

John Rogerson along with Resolutions UK developed ISIS (Intra Spectral Imaging System) and recently MCP (Multi-Tonal Contrast Photography) which are Energy and Bio Field imaging methods. ISIS and MCP provide accurate and safe scans of the body using registered CE approved equipment. They indicate where areas of stress and ease are sited and the results of treatment protocols. Both systems show energy flow and blockages which relate to medical symptoms and used to motivate clients towards better health choices. They are completely safe and non-invasive, using conventional PC and digital cameras to show the surrounding energy and bio field in clear colours and patterns.

Educated at Harrow School John Rogerson was the youngest associate partner at James Capel's HSBC, and formerly an English professional squash player. John Rogerson started practicing complementary medicine in 1984 due to sports injuries finding that his body responded better to yoga, massage and natural healing than pain killers and muscle relaxants. To date John Rogerson has researched the effects of 220 natural therapies and successfully established over 40 'Energy Centres' around the world - co-affiliated health clinics to assess, evaluate and treat people in a natural and complementary way.

Amongst John Rogerson's clients are hospitals, doctors, radiologists, dentists and complementary health clinics and his systems are used at several centres including; Shri Ganga Hospital, National Institute of Naturopathy, Nat. Inst. for Design, Ram Hospital, Chiva Som, Vastu/Feng Shui and also at weight loss, anti aging and fitness centres around the world.

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