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Corporate Profiles

Pauline Goodman Corporate Profile Bar

Pauline Goodman   -   Managing Director

Pauline Goodman

Pauline Goodman

has established and ran her own business, focusing on wellbeing and awareness services in healing, spiritual growth, and self-development and empowerment; after a long illustrious international career in finance, banking, real estate and investment, since 1984.

Pauline is a certified Master Result Coach, ( Christopher Howard's Group ) - a Practitioner of NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Advanced Neurological Repatterning TM, and Performance Coach. She does individual life coaching and corporation Transformation workshops.

A Certified Coach & International Speaker

A Leading Edge Thought Life Coach! Through years of life experiences, opportunities and challenges in her multi-international corporate careers worldwide and her inner journey, Pauline Goodman is now offering her services to share her understanding, updated knowledge and uncovered wisdom with integrity; to those struggling with issues of relationships, health and money in the mandate of daily life. It is important to balance both physical and spiritual aspects of individual and corporate life.

Jaz Corporate Profile Bar

Jaz   -   Associated Practitioner

Jaz - Associated Practitioner


is the founder of Fast Track Technique or FTT which is a unique, powerful and intelligent healing system for self investigation, realization and change.

We are all products of past experiences, our parents, society and culture. These ‘experiences’ and our response to them often cause blockages in our energy system. These blockages disrupt the normal flow of energy, contributing to physical illness, emotional difficulties and interferes with our ability to reach our full potential. FTT locates the root cause or causes of an issue and removes them quickly, safely and permanently.

Beam Barrett Corporate Profile Bar

Beam Barrett   -   Associated Practitioner

Beam Barrett
Beam Barrett is a Nationally Certified Acupuncture Physician, with a Masters in Science from the Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe New Mexico, USA. Beam has also been a massage and bodywork therapist for the past 20 years, and is a graduate of the New Mexico Academy of Massage and Healing Arts, and is well versed in many types of bodywork practices.

He is experienced therapist who has created his own specialised combination of ancient TCM Acupuncture with other therapeutic modalities in his treatments and many other healing modalities ....

Lori Ann Corporate Profile Bar

Lori Ann   -   Associated Practitioner

Lori Ann - Associated Practitioner

Lori Ann

is passionate about the significant results of self-healing holistic therapies and has become renowned for her ability to establish a safe and nurturing environment in which deep natural healing can occur, both physically and emotionally. An internationally certified TRE® provider since 2011, she has taught TRE® to hundreds of clients both privately and in groups and is currently working towards her TRE® International Trainer certification.

Elizabeth Bell Corporate Profile Bar

Elizabeth Bell   -   Associated Practitioner

Elizabeth Bell - Associated Practitioner

Elizabeth Bell

is a Certified PureBioenergy Healer. She received her certification and training from Zoran Hochstatter, the official teacher of PureBioenergy in the United States, Canada and UK.

Elizabeth is passionate about working with clients to achieve powerful healing and transformation through restoring balance to the bioenergetic field. She is certified to treat individuals with PureBioenergy in group sessions (the most powerful way to experience this method), private one-on-one sessions and distance healing. She lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, and travels to provide bioenergy therapy at group clinics and wellness retreats around the world.

Darcy Hotchkiss Corporate Profile Bar

Darcy Hotchkiss   -   Associated Practitioner

Darcy Hotchkiss - Associated Practitioner

Darcy Hotchkiss

is a certified PureBioenergy Therapist, who came to the method five years ago seeking relief from a number of emotional and physical conditions she sustained from serving in the United States Army. She spent over 15 years living and traveling throughout the Middle East and Europe climbing her industry’s professional ladder to assignments from the US Pentagon to International organizations like NATO. She had success in her professional life but lived an imbalanced personal life, struggling with pains from her past. Issues unaddressed went from bad to worse, compounded by an unfortunate fall that left her bed ridden and diagnosed with being in pain forever by specialists. The chronic issues, unable to be resolved by western medicine practices forced her to seek alternative approaches. She was intuitively guided to PureBioenergy Therapy which reversed the “incurable” chronic issue. After experiencing the radical healing her life had a massive shift, and she began the expansive journey of learning to heal others.

Dr. John Rogerson Corporate Profile Bar

Dr. John Rogerson   -   Associated Practitioner

John Rogerson

Dr. John Rogerson

DSc. (Bio Physics) is an advisor to the ICM (Institute of Complementary Medicine UK) co-founder of CHEFR UK Ltd (The Centre for Human Energy Field Research) and a Professor at the Zoroastrian College.
He is a certified ISIS and PIP teacher trainer and has completed courses in EleCT, Specialised Kinesiology, Scenar, and is a BEST System practitioner.

He specialises in studying 'energy and bio fields, and the efficacy of natural medicines.' He is a certified ISIS and PIP teacher trainer

Nik Adis Corporate Profile Bar

Nik S Adis   -   Associated Practitioner

Nik Adis

Nik Adis

, is an Intuitive Bodywork Therapist; an ITEC (International Therapy Examining Council, UK, and Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage and Diploma in Aromatherapy) certified massage therapist and a qualified aroma therapist.

She is also qualified in Reiki and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. She has years of experience in pre and post-natal massage. Her intuitive sensitivity enables her to gain an accurate impression of her client's condition. She tailor-make the massage treatments to assist her clients in facilitating their personal healing.

Noel Insley Corporate Profile Bar

Noel Insley   -   Associated Facilitator

Noel Insley

Noel Insley

has studied massage since 1996 and is qualified with a Certificate IV in Relaxation Massage and a Diploma in Remedial Massage. He has completed & certified in Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy and Zen Bodytherapy in the USA. He has also completed Reiki 1 & 2, and Pranic 1, 2 & 3.

He works with athletes in a variety of sports such as dancesport, rowing, karate & hockey. He has workplace of clients in schools and corporate offices. He is also 'Working with Children'(Vic) approved.

Jayanti Woods Corporate Profile Bar

Jayanti Woods   -   Associated Facilitator

Jayanti Woods

Jayanti Woods

has travelled extensively throughout Europe, the Far East, Bali, India & USA, including Egypt and lived in the Middle East for many years; for personal and also in her spiritual journey. This awakened her desire to learn about Shamanism and she travelled to the USA to develop her shamanic skills further by studying under a shaman, trained by Sandra Ingerman.

Her background is in Natural Therapies, Rebirthing, Jara healing, Shamanism, Quantum Dynamics, Reiki, Orion Theta Healing Therapy, meditation and other spiritual purification practices. Jayanti is a Reiki Master/Teacher.

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New Team Member Application

Join a Leading Edge Health & Healing Resort Prestige Team

We are seeking extraordinary facilitators or therapists with special latest healing modalities or bodyworks in assisting people to heal physically emotionally or mentally ... we are also looking for author and public speakers for integration of science and spiritual or biz for resort seminars ... as well as outstanding clairvoyance medium etc to be part of the team. If interested please complete the application form.

Visit our New Team Member Application Form.

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