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Investment Opportunities

Eco Resort Global Developments

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Wealthness International is seeking world class property developers, fully committed to work excellence & quality products with environmental consciousness. We are seeking property development and investment, open to international eco-resort developments opportunity; either for its own portfolio or through irresistible joint venture management, looking to hold or add to their long term property investments.

Investors Required:

Our Planetary Services to our Community & World Projects

  1. Start-up Partnerships or Initial short-term Funders

    An initial short term funding as capital to set up Healing & Wellbeing Signature Eco- Resort for Wealthness Int'l Management Company

  2. Joint Venture in signature Health & Wellbeing Resort Partnerships

    JV Company shares or stakes holding in the Wealthness Int'l Signature Unique Eco Health Resorts and/or its management

  3. Health & Well Being Spa Management Partnerships

    Like-minded Facilitators Associations or Partnerships to provide services for the health & wellbeing projects

    * Selective applications only

  4. Resorts ownerships systems

    This is Time sharing ownerships for Wealthness Int'l own signature resorts once established

  5. Resort Memberships

    This is VIP privileges for regular international resort clients

    * By invitation only

** Please complete our Investment Info. form for more information.

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Background Information

My first spiritual journey started 1997 in Singapore after, a long illustrious international career in finance, banking, real estate and investment, since 1984.
My first physical wakeup call in 1995, to make the initiation to find the meaning of life, who I am and what is my purpose on earth.

1997-2002, I decided to establish and run my own successful business 'Love & Light'; focusing on wellbeing and awareness services in self-development, healing, spiritual growth, and self-empowerment. I have also attended and organized courses, workshops, seminars and international conferences related to my wellness business.

Then in 2002-2004 I expanded to include Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit Spa Concept and joined St Gregory Spa as Director of Programs & Activities on stress management through holistic therapies and integrated health & wellbeing promotional events and conferences. I have accumulated a vast data base of clients who are genuinely interested in health & wellbeing programs to continue learning to live in peace, joy, health, wealth & harmony.

A choice must be made to apply my new energy wisely towards my desired goals in my healing & wellbeing programs, since I started late 2007 in Bali, that will work well in my life is my primary focus, at this stage.

With increased sensitivity, I now realize my old way or another cycle of my life is dead ... Like a snake shedding its skins - old habits. My new consciousness is preparing me for the new path to come ....this is the ending of another cycle within a life. I do regret for all past wrong choice, decision, actions & despair .... However, I am determine to move forward to manifest my passions & dreams into something better & appropriate in this next journey of my new goals with success.

This is the time to build a strong foundation for the future in my business of services with cooperation with the right associates or partners ... To unite body, mind & spirit working consciously & sub-consciously in sync & oneness, in concert with each other, in alignment with the heart ... to create & a place of unity, consistency & consequency in a positive way in the new partnership..... of sharing common interests, objectives, passions & commitments for the greater good for all.

Investment Opportunities Background Information Bar

Now, I am seeking like-minded person associates or resort partnership in providing resorts or suitable venues for me to present my health & wellbeing programs & projects; within the vicinity in Australia or globally .... By joining in sales & marketing to both data base & advertisements ..... Hosting each special designed program, with profit sharing in all organized events .... to establish a long term relationships.

Investment Opportunities Background Information Bar

** Please complete our Investment Info. form for more information.

Investment Opportunities Information Bar

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