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Great Service Is a Choice!

There is a sense of increasing momentum for things starting to click into position; one after another, this is exactly what is happening to us. We are being propelled into our New Lives, even when we don't know where they are or how we will get there. Even when we don't think that we are ready for them.

The increasing momentum is pushing us into becoming True to our purpose or mission by the stripping away of all that is untrue. This is happening through a series of situations and events that are giving us the experiences that we most need in order to thoroughly realign our beings into the new coordinates of Trueness and PURE HEART LOVE. Some of us are now seeing with a heightened clarity. We can't yet see far ahead into the future, but the expanded HERE and NOW has a clearer focus.

Some of these will be totally new elements, while others will be completing the old in our business, career & life. The key to dealing with expired elements is to try to improve them, find new aspects in them, insert new methods in old situations and take them to a new level.

We required much letting go of our known past and our yet unknown future. The past is dying away at a rapid pace. The bridges are not only burning behind us, but some of them are burning under our feet as we walk upon them. This gives us an increased sense of urgency to remove ourselves from the old situations as quickly as possible. We also have an increased urgency to strip away any parts of ourselves that are untrue. Fortunately, we are continually presented with the perfect situations to facilitate this immense transformational process. This spurs us to quicken our pace and move forward with a concentrated focus to get off the burning bridge and into our New Landscape.

My company Wealthness International Networks has a new direction; upgrading the standard spa programs to include Health & Wellbeing Services to a new level. The programs & services provide not only physical therapy but also releasing emotional blockages or residue that still reside in our body ..... This awareness is now acknowledged by the main medical stream that stresses emotions, do cause many of the physical illness. People who are serious about optimum health know not only physical but mental & spiritual also play a large & sustainable parts of well-being in their lives. We have regular programs to stimulate mental & spiritual beliefs - in our life coaching retreats, workshops, & seminars; in awakenings and make changes in your thinking & lifestyles.... only then wellbeing exist in the order of your world; you are able to create a balanced & better life that you want.

I am now following my heart & dreams to seek resort or hotel groups globally, looking for new concept for their ordinary & competitive spa services by upgrading to a new level of health care direction, complementary to their existing spa services. Dare to make a difference in People's lives!
Please View www.wealthnessintlnetworks.com and contact me PaulineGoodman888@Gmail.com for more options suggestions and discussions.

The Master lives in a world of Transformation,
never in the illusion of gain or loss
Dr. John DeMartini

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