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'Life is not about tomorrow
Life is about how you currently manage your Energy
in Rampage of Appreciation!'

Life is full of Surprises, Possibilities & Potentials .... You just have to deliberately direct your focus to your passions in alignment with your Inner Being of your purpose & missions in your journey ... to actualized your dreams!

There are many ways to strengthen your attunement to the world as well as to your life path or destiny.

Wealthness International Networks' vision, purpose & strength, is to bring awareness, refine the nature of humanity, magically opening doors of wisdom to people in understanding that we are all interconnected and we are One! In this New Era, by acknowledging the age of individual & collective empowerment, taking responsibility to right relationships with all nations, races, faith, community and society of the world.

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Mission Statement

"We are not interested in changing minds. Minds have always followed the passions of the heart. We are interested in opening Hearts"

Our intent is to demonstrate the superiority of present-moment, the life-centered awareness over awareness clouded by fear. We work to shift human interest gradually away from defensive, survival-oriented lifestyles toward the pursuit of excellence. We are only able to influence people in areas where their hearts are at least somewhat open and where a passionate interest is present.
Ken Carey

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The Company

A New Corporation of Integrity,
Support and Empowerment with
Heart - Mind Perspective Services

Company Business Plan - The Company & History

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A world class chain of unique health & well being up-market resorts to be established globally........



The company founder, Pauline Goodman - Managing Director, will be responsible for Wealthness International and its associates / partners. She will oversee the administration of the Int'l Heaven Spa Resorts set-up, sourcing lead therapist staff for training and handle the day-to-day operations and needs of the spa resort concept plan, until appropriate personals are ready to take over the responsibility; she will work to ensure that this business venture is a success and profitable project.

For more information please contact Pauline Goodman.

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Business Concept

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Provide a '5 star' Int'l Heaven Resorts in Development, Management, Consultant, Education Company to develop and tailor made Int'l Heaven Resort concept to suit each country and cultural requirements in a manner which allow duplication across suitable sites in Australasia and Globally.

Wealthness International Networks offers two key services:

  • Wealthness Developer, Consultant and Management
  • Wealthness Signature Int'l Heaven Resorts Concept

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Corporate Vision Creating a world of Joy Bar

Health & WELL Being



Creating a world of Joy, Love, Compassion, Prosperity & Gratitude .......
Walking, Loving & Living as You & Me !
Creating Awareness of Conscious living in Harmony
for the Common Greater Good of All!

Life is not a Destination ...

it's a Journey of Understanding, Service, & Mastery ...

There is no end to your Growth.

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Education and Training

Oneness Reality


The Company seeks to provide a platform of Wider Perspective and High Standard of Excellence in the Service Industry, Facilitators and Therapies by training the core staffs to a new level of consciousness about work and team spirit. Also to offer this new hospitality training to other hotel or resort groups.

The Company also seeks to provide educational workshops & seminars to transform humanity attitudes, & perceptions to find their own Truth and their purpose in Life! Managing Energy not time is the essential part of living your life.

Life is about daring to do what you believe in ...
Vision without action is merely a dream.
Action without Vision is passing time.

Vision with Action can change Yourself and the World!

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