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Life Coaching

Individual / Resort Group / Online Coaching

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Coaching is not new!

Someone who inspires, empowers and makes a difference,
by bringing a new perspective in your life.

  • It is the Art of facilitating the performance, learning & development of another person.
  • It is opening up the individual to facilitate the change required themselves.
  • A method of directing, instructing & training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goals or develop specific skills.
  • A Collaborative process in which a coach engages with an individual to establish & clarify purpose & goals to develop a plan of actions to achieve these goals.
  • It is about unlocking a person's potentials to maximize his or her own performance.
  • It is about empowering people to discover the answers by themselves & bring new perspective to their goals & to take appropriate actions.
  • Direction may include motivational speaking, inspiring seminars / workshops & supervised practice

'You cannot teach anybody anything,
you can only make them think'


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The Art of Living Now - The Leading Edge Thoughts

"Life is supposed to be good for you
You didn't come forth for the struggle."

In 2010 & beyond - A total shift of energy in our world filled us with excitement and joy. We need to learn how to adjust ourselves in these new energies in our personal life matrix - health, career, finance, business, relationships, spirituality, purpose and empowerment etc.

They hold vast potential for major lasting breakthroughs, for stepping free of the old patternings once and for all, and for fulfilling your Wildest Dreams! The Guidance given on the leading edge thoughts to align your thoughts, expectations & desires with vibrations to stand firmly in the Ultra Greater Reality ... All will be well.

Fences in Your Mind...

Would you like to have more joy and less stress in your life? Do you want to discover the secrets to reaching your full potential? Would you like to make a positive difference in the short time you're here on this earth?

Our thoughts shape our reality in our life experiences ...

Alter our core beliefs we alter our reality in life!

Your Life coach, Pauline Goodman challenges you "to live a great life by discovering and improving the life you have right now, instead of trying to invent a whole new life." with more wisdom, common sense and inspiration knowledge & skills!

You want to work smarter & not harder

doing what you love & love what you do

I am offering individual Group ( Only in Resort Retreats ) & Online Coaching

to empower you on your next journey!

Please send any situational contexts or goals in which you wish to achieve success: by email directly to PaulineGoodman888@Gmail.com.

Please Note: All contexts and contact information will be treated as confidential.

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