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Global Hospitality Business Opportunity


Wealthness International Networks & Retreat Coordination

A New Branding of Spa Resort- Health & Wellbeing Retreats & Spa

Innovation is to Re-Invent and Re-Defined Your Target Market!

Every news time, brings fears & uncertainty about your job & business. The current financial downturn is not over yet. This is global fear base vision. Turn Adversity to opportunity, make it happen, it is time to reinvent or create even innovate your new game in hospitality industry: by re-branding or re-defining a 'niche' in your market; to stand apart from the others within the industry. Now it's the time to step forward and present your new 'brand' with professional pride, integrity, dignity & honesty - by being the best there is in your chosen field.

Be different from the standard spa resort, it is about enmeshing the physical, emotional & spiritual intellectual properties in all aspects of mind, body & spirit connection in your resort & spa programs. Your business can then achieve consistent amazing results and success in being genuine, moral & trustworthy. You will be able to give your clients or customers the true value they are seeking in your business.

There are more & more people are looking for different Resort holidays experiences; especially valued added services in health & wellbeing' that they can apply and enhance their lifestyle.

"Effective professional re-development of programs & new Branding
is vital for Success; to improve efficiency for the betterment of the business."

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Licensing or Franchise Business

Wealthness International Licensing or Franchising Business

Innovative 'Branding' Opportunity

This is the Recession of Trust!

Upgrade & Unlock a New Business Game in Trust & Understanding
Open to Innovation is sweeping its way through Corporation!

Invitation to Eco or Boutique Resorts/ Group interested to establish a New 'Niche' Resort Branding

Re-defined your Spa Resort to "Health & Wellbeing Resort Retreats & Spa"

Wealthness International Networks is seeking 5 Star Luxury Boutique Spa Resorts/Group, interested to establish & present the Leading Edge Amazing Health, Healing & Wellbeing Retreats and Spa Programs - permanently throughout peak & low seasons; for their clients and management global database , to increase their revenue and profitability with success by identify new 'Target' Market.

This is the evolution in spa industry, we invite Luxurious Spa Resorts interested to creatively re-branding their resort to: Health & Wellbeing Resort in Joint Venture Opportunity. What is a Joint Venture? It is two Businesses coming together for Mutual Benefits. Make it win-win-win. It works and it's simple!

Please fill in the Application Form of Interest to Wealthness Management in establish Health & Wellbeing Resort Retreats & Spa: [Application Form...]

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Health & Wellbeing Resort Retreats Programs

Focus on Value, Truth & Integrity with Understanding of Clients' Needs

We manage, coordinate and work with the existing interested resort venture in spa treatments; as well as solicit specialized therapies and programs; to cater for each of the different healing & wellbeing retreats programs for people in need.

  1. People who want to enhance their lives: through truly mind, body & spirit connections and disciplines.
  2. People who have physical problems - ranging from back pain, heart disease, cancer and chronic illness - seeking healing and self transformation within through inner awareness, resources and expansive consciousness.
  3. Professional People in varies business, artist or athletes: looking to maximize their productivity & potentials.
  4. People interested in greater quality & satisfaction in their lives: health, relationships and business environments.
  5. Corporate Retreats - for company to invest now for transformation in their productivity and staffs potential to achieve the goal, mission & vision of the company accomplishment and future expansion.

Resort Retreats Programs:

The Retreats are tailor made to suite each group's critical purpose. The programs are coordinated for self transformation, in shifting consciousness; by identifying physical, emotional and cognitive sources of their problems or illness through awareness about their body and energy alignment.


 1.   Typical Health & Wellbeing or Healing Retreats - 5, 7 or 14 days:

  1. Luxurious Resort Accommodations and Special Meals
  2. Bodyworks - release of tension or emotional stress
  3. Energy Balancing: specialized therapist to align the "chi" flow within
  4. Appropriate Transformational Workshops - Consciousness Repatterning
  5. Nutrition: Healthy food education
  6. Meditation & Calisthenics activities - Qi Kong: to develop intuitive self healing awareness and to increase stamina or energize life force 'chi' to heal from within.
This is to explore the dynamics of self-transformation & personal fulfillment! The goal is to offer a comprehensive practical & also pleasurable map of your journey into being more fully of yourself.

 2.   Typical Corporate Retreats - weekend, 5 - 7days:

  1. Luxurious Resort Accommodations or Conference Room Weekend Workshops
  2. Appropriate Transformational Workshops - tailor made for Corporate needs or requirements
  3. Bodyworks - release of tension or emotional stress
  4. Building Team Spirit - achieve Integrity & commitment
  5. Motivation - Games & Talks
  6. Calisthenics Activities - Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Qi Kong etc - depending on locations

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