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The Affiliation with Hospitality Groups

We are proud to announce our further business expansion in hospitality services globally; especially Pacific Asia Region to cater for your needs & requirements.

Wealthness International Networks is seeking association with one of the region's leading specialist hospitality recruitment firms with one of the largest selection of qualified industry professionals across all areas of management and specialist positions worldwide; inclusive Australia. The end-to-end recruitment solutions and advisory services are tailored to all hospitality organizations large and small.... they must have currently, many candidates who have expressed a strong desire to relocate to any designations and Wealthness International would be pleased to facilitate an introduction to its hotel connections.

Hospitality Groups:

  • Recruitment outsourcing allows our clients to focus on their respective core business.
  • As experienced hospitality recruitment consultants, the core business is screening and interviewing candidates effectively.
  • No charge, until guaranteed replacement; makes using a recruiter very low risk.
  • Access to wider market data makes specialist industry recruiters better informed on business trends, statistics and benchmarks.
  • Employers can better spend time on retention and new business development.
  • They must have extensive relationships with passive career seekers.

Wealthness International Networks:

Do you want to make and implement positive changes in Your Business or Life?
  • Welcome to your New Vision & Direction in Business Development and Expansion!

    We offer to establish Resort / Hotel Luxurious & Authentic Retreats Programs - a value Investment in creating new branding or reinventing your spa services to take it to another level of health & wellbeing concepts; your business new vision, strategy, direction & expansion.
    Various Retreat Programs can be arranged and tailored made to suit your requirements.

  • The Unique Retreat Programs will create a 'niche market' to increase new income, cash flows & room occupancy.
    1. Transformational Retreats - Corporate & Individuals
    2. Corporate Conference Retreat Packages
    3. Health and Wellbeing Retreat Packages - Individuals or Family Packages

  • Interim Management
    1. Specialized in establishing extraordinary Spa Programs & Services.
    2. The opportunity to participate in any hotel/resort preopening project. As part of the role to ensure that all guest expectations are exceeded during the spa experience.
    3. Organizing preopening 5 star Hotel/Resort general Hospitality Services.

  • Human Capital Advisory:
    1. Executive Assessment.
    2. Executive Corporate Coaching.
    3. Therapists Training to a new level of Techniques & Awareness.
    4. Customer Service of Excellence Training Workshops - for any organization wanting to create a great service culture.
    5. Talent or Specialist Management.

  • Visit www.wealthnessintlnetworks.com for more insights & information

In any event, we look forward to speaking with you soon
Any additional questions, please call Pauline +61 390 907 468
Email: PaulineGoodman888@Gmail.com

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