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( 2016 - July and beyond )

2016 - July and beyond - HEAL THE WORLD

Mother Earth is going through a major transformation, one that has never happened before. It is unprecedented For the first time, an entire planet is shifting its vibration into a new dimensional frequency. Many souls or groups of souls have experienced a shift like this in the past (i.e. the Mayans), but never has an entire planet shifted at once. Therefore, the entire Universe has front row seats to one of the grandest shows ever seen. 

During this time of high energy challenges and transformation we must attune or align to the new frequency physically emotionally & spiritually from our heart - you are becoming Love - All That Is ! You are in the new energies and this requires a new focus ... the key is willingly to release your past fully and receive these energies with awareness clearly right here and now.

There are many healing modalities to transmute the negativity of the old to assist in releasing resistance to heal and be whole again for the new energies to come in ... today the most effective method is through Energy Medicine – Energetic balancing Sound or Light healing therapy to heal at this high vibration shift time – a turning point push us to new height with creative opportunities & potentials this will continue in waves of life changing experiences throughout 2016.

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2016 - A Year of Chaotic Change!

2016 - A Year of Chaotic Change!

The numerology 9 means completion ... a year for completion willing to accept endings before the opportunity of new beginning can enter into our lives ... a clear sign that something need to change to allow creation of better future for us ... when we let the inner compass to direct us and by acting on our inner guidance to fusing motivation with positive altitude or mental spirit ...anything is possible when we apply faith determination and courage ... we discover that the whole world is ripe with potentials a great time to turn over a new leaf to embrace our next journey!

It is time to move forward to experience interesting changes – the path to success for now lies in being innovative daring to experimental and open to changes in our lives change your perception and you can change to have a happy and fulfilling life doing what you love in services for the greater good for all.

With honesty and authenticity ... make time to get in touch with feelings and emotions to work through them ... a time for tolerance and forgiveness ... choose between kindness compassion and peaceful intentions that will make the difference in the end.

A year of contemplation by going within ... turning inwards for answers and finding who you really are ... this is the opportunity to break free past negative belief system outdated family and social programming old addictive behavior patterns to embrace self transformation or rebirth process for self development and life empowerment!

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2015 - Journey Forward in Trust & Integrity

2015 – Journey Forward in Trust and Integrity

2015 is potent ... we can expect to witness changes or to invite new beginnings and help to bring in some new powerful energies ... we have the chance & choice to meditate on our intentions and find ways to honor our passions or dreams ... to focus on something truly important to the world ...

Expect the unexpected ... with discipline determination and work hard but smart ...
All dreams become a reality ... " In business and in life, you don't get what you deserve ... you get what you negotiate " - Chester L Karrass ... however you must first know what is your worth ...and then you negotiate ... in a charming and clever ways to influence and persuade people to give you what you deserve ... and the universe will attract the right opportunities and people to you ...

2015 is a good time to change our lives in order to align our values to our true selves the focus is not only in finances ... but love peace family joy freedom and society ... to transform and create an abundance life and services now for highest for all and our future in the world ...

2015 Smile

" Life is an adventure or nothing at all "

Helen Keller

I have an opportunity to welcome a new beginning in my next journey ... a great chance and turning point to make changes to enhance my career path ... with the powerful energies to create and manifest my passion in services into reality ... in many forms and perfect ways ... to see some dramatic results in time to come ... by sharing my knowledge life experiences and wisdom in teaching speaking and communicating ... all will be rewarding as I put in the effort to my renewed ideas & work for the greater good for the community ... I now say goodbye to the past and move on with courage and convictions to go for what I want in my new directions ... doors will open when I follow the path that feels right ... it’s time to make positive changes to align with my true Self ...

2015 Butterfly 2015 Blossoms

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The Great Opportunities of 2014

2014 gives you the opportunity to claim your authentic Self ... through recognizing the truth of your being .... by opening & trusting your own heart... in healing the past ... script the future ... then live in the moment ... for this moment is the power Centre of Creation ... the perfect Centre of the Present!

Life is not finding about yourself - Life is about expressing Yourself!

Dare to discover the Real You .... as you are the witness of the journey ... you are the co-creator of the new world .... Release the limited boundaries and old dogma - you have been 'dogmatized' all your lives .... It is time to claim your power within and completely trust your heart .... with expanded consciousness & lift into the truth of being ... from there the greater service is present.

It is time to stop waiting and to start participating ... it is happening and you are in the process now ... so it is important to be aware of your true vision in your path & purpose ...

Focus with clarity ... it will reveal to you ... In today chaotic world and individual life ... sometimes you have & must take many paths ... there are many forks in the road ... yet the forks are part of the path and eventually bring you back where you seek to go ... there will be abundance of choices ... yet the judgment of yourself, others and any path interferes with your own true path ... As your year of 2014 unfolds ... the clear energies will present & offer you opportunities to claim the truth of your being ... the greatest gift that you can give yourself once you have made a choice is with focus & to trust your own heart by aligning & connecting to the Divine Intents.

This is the year to step into your authentic power ... what you beliefs determine what you make true .... In essence the only thing that stop you from achieving your goals & passions in life is your mind ... you have the power to go beyond your own perceived limits ... when you start to believe that everything is possible & achievable ... your thoughts shape your reality in your life experiences .... don't think, don't try, just do ....

You are the Universe & the Universe is In You!

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Sharing & Pass It On!

'Well-Being is the Basis and Order of our World!'

We are all contributing to the power of the stream of Source Energy,

Our gift is when we ride and flow with the positive fast moving energy,

life is exhilarating beyond description ......

when we don't; it sort of beats us up!

Welcome to Wealthness Leading Edge Concept of

Health & Well-Being Resort Retreats Programs & Services

'We are the Co-Creator with God - the Divine Source

to bring Heaven on Earth

through the energy Force of Light & Oneness!'

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